One of the best things about working or volunteering for an organisation is the range of people you meet, but this can also be one of the worst things about any job. We are all so different. Those differences when harnessed can make a business the best it can be leading to greater sales and service, better employee retention and happy and productive teams but it can also do the opposite. The needs of teams are complex:

  • sometimes a team can work well together but not build good relationships with other parts of the organisation, creating silo’s and slowing down productivity,
  • sometimes a team working together just doesn’t focus on the key tasks
  • there are as many scenarios as there are people in teams

Focus training provides a number of workshops and team building options to improve the dynamics within any team, even a team that is working well together will come away with new ideas and skills to support your business. I am happy to talk with you about the options and determine what would work best for you give Letticia a call on 0274319994.