Access 2010 Essentials

Microsoft’s 2010 version of Access uses a new ribbon interface, and offers significant improvement to its database capability. The participants will learn how to use the basic features of Access 2010. This workshop incorporates a hands-on approach to learning.

Access is the world’s premier database software. You can use Access 2010 to create and edit databases — just download a ready-made database template and start typing. It’s that easy. You can create a database of contacts, expenses, household and/or business inventory. In other words, if you have data, you can create a database of that data using Access.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand common database terms
  • Open and close Access
  • Create a blank database or a database from a template
  • Understand the interface and the Ribbon tools
  • Understand the Backstage View
  • Use the Navigation Pane
  • Work with database objects
  • Sort and filter the view
  • Create a blank table from a template, in Datasheet view, and Design View
  • Use Lookup columns in a table
  • Add information to a table
  • Edit, delete and search records
  • Perform common formatting tasks on forms
  • Create reports using the Report Wizard
  • Create Queries using the Wizard
  • Understand Access file formats and save a database as another file format
  • Email the database