Fantastic weekend thanks to Laughter Yoga Auckland 

After a truly informative and hilarious two days, I have completed my certification as a Laughter Yoga Leader.  After hearing about this unique exercise routine that combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (Pranayama) I couldn’t resist going along and finding out a bit more.  This fun technique allows adults to participate in sustained laughter, in a way that children do naturally and often.  The laughter exercises are mingled with breathing exercises and once I got past the slight or significant challenge of overcoming my own sensibleness and self-consciousness I relaxed into the fun and found that at the end of the activities we  – a group of strangers – were making the beginnings of a team, I felt de-stressed and energised and looking forward to more hilarity.

There is a bit of research out there to back up the benefits of laughter to improve mental and physical wellness and more focus is being put into these types of issues as we see stress and mental illness impacting our communities and work places.  I have some good articles available for anyone interested in this area.

Can’t wait to bring more Laughter into Focus….. Anyone interested in a good laugh give me  a call.. or check out